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The Two Olive Trees (2019) by Emily Isaacson

The Two Olive Trees

Play Synopsis

The Two Olive Trees is a study of two prophets, Justice and Liberty. Originally a book of prose-poetry, this play involves a journey that takes them to study natural medicine at one of America’s

top universities, and then as missionaries to the Middle East and Israel. The two olive trees,

mentioned in the Bible in the eleventh chapter of Revelation and in the fourth chapter of

Zechariah, represent the two prophets who stand before the Lord of the whole earth. Olive trees

were also painted very characteristically by van Gogh, as well as other artists through the ages.

Justice and Liberty are in the Middle East, dedicated to the cause of the underground church, but

when they lose the one person they need the most, it seems the only thing left to do is try their

wings and go it alone. As they travel from Turkey to Israel, the guidance of their hearts emanates

and they do find a home in Jerusalem where they resume their teachings at the university there,

and uncover a deeper meaning to the vocation of healer in the physician.