Emily Isaa​cson


The Emily Institute

Emily Isaacson, Canadian Playwright

Emily Isaacson was born December 11, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario. She lived there until age six then the family moved to Victoria, B.C. The City of Flowers drew her from the City of Roses. She loved the parks, seaside and gardens of Victoria, and began writing at age ten. She was published in an anthology for doctor's offices at age thirteen, and continued writing, taking French Literature, Creative Writing and a directed study in Creative Writing in university. 

Emily Isaacson completed a Bachelor of Science in Seattle, Washington in nutrition, and began working at an eating disorder counseling center in Edmonds, Washington after her graduation. Although she had forbidden herself to write during her junior and senior years of university except for a brief poem at Christmastime, the writer in her was only submerged, not entirely forgotten. 

On returning home to Canada, she burned all her former poems, writings, and journals that she had kept since age ten. She decided to start out into the world afresh with only a suitcase and her guitar. She thought it was better to experience life than just write about it. She went out into the world and had many adventures, and even travelled and camped across Western Canada.

In 2002 Emily had begun writing down her former poems, this time from memory. In time, as she kept writing, she eventually had a first volume of poetry called A Wind of Morning. Although it was not published immediately, she kept writing, and finished Ode To Enchantment and then House of Gold. What she wrote over the next five years eventually became the three volume collection titled The Fleur-de-lis.

Published in 2011, this collection of her early and select poems was given as a gift to the Royal Family. She continued her work and went on to write and publish nine more volumes. Now you can buy her work in 

the bookstore.

Emily Isaacson has a large family and extended family, including two older sisters, one younger sister and two sisters-in-law who are both teachers. She has thirteen nieces and nephews.

She has written plays for the theatre; you can view her plays here.